A new sustainable wildlife use initiative (hunting & angling)?

The European Commission wants to encourage a dialogue with a view to promote and develop co-operation between organisations concerned with the conservation and wise and sustainable use of mammals and fish and their habitats under the Habitats Directive.

The Habitats Directive fully recognises the legitimacy of hunting and angling, limits these activities to certain species and sets out the legal requirements to be implemented through Member States legislation. This provides the framework for the management of hunting and angling.

Hunters, anglers and other conservationists share a common interest in preserving wild species and their habitats. Hunting and angling carried out in a sustainable manner, can positively contribute to the conservation of wild populations and their habitats and also benefit society.

Following the success of the Sustainable Hunting Initiative (SHI), which has been confined to the Birds Directive, the European Commission envisages a new sustainable wildlife use initiative. This initiative would complement the SHI to cover mammals and fish under the Habitats Directive.

The main aim is to develop a platform for facilitating regular and constructive dialogue between wildlife users and other conservationists to ensure the long term sustainable use of wildlife and to ease the promotion and implementation of the Habitats Directive.

In this frame FACE, ELO and the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) are meeting and developing a concept of closer collaboration. During the Conference on “Promoting NATURA 2000 & Sustainable Wildlife Use ” such a new initiative has found a positive feedback also amongst international conservation NGO’s.

Updates on this initiatives will be posted when available.

For ideas, concerns and comments please contact Gabor von Bethlenfalvy biodiversity@face.eu.