Conference on Promoting NATURA 2000 & Sustainable Wildlife Use

The European Commission organised a conference on ‘Promoting Natura 2000 & sustainable wildlife use’ which took place on the 17th - 18th November 2009 in Brussels. This conference promoted greater involvement of the hunters' and anglers' community in the implementation of the ‘Birds’ and ‘Habitats’ Directives and in the conservation and management of Natura 2000 sites. It also encouraged dialogue with a view to promote co-operation between organisations and stakeholders concerned with nature conservation and sustainable use. Besides the current EU debate on biodiversity, European showcase projects (initiated by institutions, organisations or local people) in the field of communication and local management were presented. The conference brought together wildlife users, land managers, representatives of national Ministries of Environment, international conservation NGOs, representatives from European institutions and scientists from 20 European countries. test

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Presentations 17th November

Stefan Leiner, Acting Head of Unit ENV.B.3 Nature, DG Environment, European Commission - Why a conference on promoting Natura 2000 and Sustainable Wildlife Use?

Konstantin Kreiser, EU Policy Manager, BirdLife International - A biodiversity rescue plan for the EU

Angus Middleton, Chief Executive Officer, FACE - From policy to action

Andreas Baumüller, Biodiversity Policy Officer, WWF European Policy Office - Future challenges of Natura 2000

Tamas Marghescu, former Director of IUCN Regional Office for Europe - Collaboration to success

Thierry de l’Escaille, Secretary-General, ELO - Natura 2000: The landowners’ view


Presentations 18th November

Chantal Van Ham, IUCN Regional Office for Europe - An assessment of the Sustainable Hunting Initiative

Stoycho Stoychev, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) - The Establishment of Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria - common challenge for hunting and conservation organisations

Laurent Courbois, FDC Languedoc Roussillon - Natura 2000, hunters and rural stakeholders in Languedoc-Roussillon: participatory communication and awareness raising

Carolina Lasen Diaz, Council of Europe - European Charter on Hunting and Biodiversity

Robert Kenward, European Sustainable Use Specialist Group (ESUSG) of IUCN - Transactional Environmental Support System

Camilla Næss, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) - HUNTing for sustainability

Manuel de Tillesse, Service public de Wallonie - DGARNE - DNF - Direction de la chasse et de la pêche – Sustainable management of wildlife Estates

Ian Danby, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) - UK Hunters delivering biodiversity targets, increasing connectivity and providing wildlife with the flexibility it requires to adapt to a changing climate

Neil Jacobson, The Crown Estate - Managing hunting and recreational angling in the UK on Natura 2000 sites owned by The Crown Estate

Jan Kappel, European Anglers Alliance (EAA) - LIFE-project „Huchen Wachau"

Nuno Mendes Calado, União da Floresta Mediterrânica (UNAC) - Cork oaks - best examples on Natura 2000 sites



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